VapeOn: inform and Change Perception on Vaping

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inform and Change Perception on Vaping


After spending months reading others writing and views I felt that Twitter is just for passing and sharing moments,
I needed a soundboard to put my thoughts for eternity well for as long as the hosting is paid up..
I started late to the vaping world, smoking 30+ per day and smoking for 30 years with loads of attempts with patches,
Champix (Varenicline) and the side effect which needed dealing with after, they all lasted various periods from days to a year, always with the urge for a cigarette.

August 2011, I was not smoking 4 months have passed, and I get the news that I have cancer, by September I’m smoking again, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for growling 12 week program pain and suffering. 2012 February I told the treatment failed to work and the next step is removal of the rectum. It has been a nightmare with medication and plastic surgery, then back for reconstructive surgery. Its now August and I’m home with recovering a whole year just went by my life turned upside down.

By now I’m back on 30 cigarettes a day and 26 tablets for one thing or the other, but then came vaping a suggestion by my brother, I research on-line and order a Innokin iTaste kit, and that is the day I found an alternative to smoking and have not gone back or have the feeling urge that gets to you as the days go by.

My home is clean I have white curtains, air is improved, my partner is relieved hated the smoking, skin has improved, life has improved and then I hear on Twitter about the EU ban on e-cigarette. I could not believe it not another fight against something that was impossible to win.

In the coming days I learned more and more of what was happening with the new Tobacco Product Directive and the its just at the time that the parliament had removed or amended the article 18 I believe could be wrong there but I remember the win. The more I got involved with it the more I had to read and learn about The European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Ministers and all the rumours and innuendos. It was had at times to keep up and understanding what each part of the article 18 meant, thanks to a great body of vapers on-line I slowly started getting it. Vapers are by now getting together in protest against the Tobacco Product Directive’s article 18 with Twitter bombs and letters to MPs and MEPs explaining the misconception and our needs.

December there was another vote, and then again in January and February 2014. Its know March and we still fighting. More to come, I will need to vent.