Thirty Day Logo Design Challenge 2018

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The Challenge

30 Days of Logo Challenges. Realistic logo design briefs via email, once a day. Let’s Do This. No junk here. Just a great way to become a better logo designer. How Does This Work? All 30 challenges mimic real logo design briefs.

ThirtyLogos is a website crafted to challenge designers to create a new logo based on fictional clients every day for thirty days. This logo portfolio includes all of my logo designs throughout the challenge.

It was not an easy venture, as one might have thought at first glance. Space Logo Design – Challenge 1 seemed to come to me after a few sketches. Time was short and had to put forward my first idea’s down and out before the next day.

Do I think back and wondered if there was more could do yes, there was no time to distract oneself and come back with fresh eyes.

As the day’s passed and the projects came in, I became more and more frustrated. Not enough information on the briefs, the lack of time to research the fields as well as coupled with finding of typography and sketching brief time to prove the project.

I look back, and I had fun with the thirty logo project. I learn loads during this time about typography, form, Illustrator and myself. I can honestly say that I worked my ass off, excellent or bad logos. The thing is that I am proud to have achieved the thirty days grind.

With that note, I leave you to decide for yourselves, what you think of the work below. Please drop me a line with your views.

To be completed and posted to Behance Dribble and Twitter.

Space Logo Design – 1


The project coordinator at Space. We’re so happy to have your work on our logo design! Space is building coworking offices so that freelancers and small startup companies have a beautiful office to work out of without paying the big bucks to buy or lease a large building.

We offer rentable offices for teams of 1 to 12 in beautiful areas across the world including Austin, New York City, Raleigh, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. These offices are also excellent for people working remotely for larger companies.

For the Space logo, we want to capture the idea of a personal, modern, and fun shared office space. We would be open to some an icon or using the text “Space” to represent the company. We don’t have any requirements regarding colours, text, symbol, or otherwise. Have fun with some ideas!

The Grind Coffee Shop Logo – 2


We are a small coffee shop chain located in Seattle, WA with five locations. Our current logo is just text using a default font, but now it is time for an update!

The Grind prides itself on natural and local ingredients. For our new logo, we do not want to use any browns! So many coffee shops around here use brown, and we would like to stand out. Maybe oranges, green, other earth tones, etc. could work well.

This logo will primarily use as our store sign, on menus, and on coffee cups and merchandise. The Grind logo could be text-based or have an icon; we are open to either/both. We are open to using symbols that represent coffee such as the coffee bean, plant, grounds, coffee cup.

I am attaching a few examples of logos we like for some inspiration. We would like a somewhat clean look.

Twitchy Rabbit Logo Design – 3


Amber’s brief wanted for simplification of the Twitch Rabbit logo, as it was too complicated to be of a small size. The aim is to rebrand the logo into a simple iconic form.

The head of the rabbit was needed as it indicated the twitchy eye, the colours would remain the same and as much of the form.

The idea was to make it simple by removing none needed elements and for it to stand out in a 50×50 pixel icon. The mascot/symbol of the logo was redrawn as close as possible to the original for recognition.

Added for the aesthetic reason not a request from the client.

Ping Logo Design – 4


Ping is thrilled to be working with you. As you know, Ping is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams. Some of our most significant competitors are Slack and Skype. What sets us apart is that we offer substantial features like group screen sharing, free of charge.

Our logo needs are text-based, focused on the word Ping. Feel free to explore icons which align with the name, but the name has to be combined.

We are open to any colour scheme but would like to stay away from blues if possible. We are also open to any typographic style and graphical style.

Wildlife Logo Design – 5


Wildlife™ is happy to have you on board!

We are a non-profit organisation that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals throughout the world. Our organisation is known for our passion and personal investment in the lives of animals.

Similar to the WWF logo, we would be happy to use one animal to represent our brand or several, it is up to you. We do require a stand-alone icon for the logo that can be paired with text, although the wordmark is not necessary for this stage.

Outside of an animal icon logo, we do not have any requirements at this time.

The animal-based logo is remarkably widespread and therefore can be hard to make unique. Consider what could make yours unique. Perhaps an animal that may not be ordinarily in use? Maybe a colour or colour combination that you would not expect like a red bear?

For this challenge, you only need to design the icon, but wordmark incorporated is acceptable.

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design – 6



1-800-Rosebud is an online flower shop that sells bouquets of flowers and gifts for any special occasion!

We are looking for a logo that represents a flower or flowers along with our name, 1-800-Rosebud. We are open to any colours but prefer something warm over cooler colours (blues, black, etc.)

Since this logo also features our phone number, the wordmark needs to be legible in large and smaller sizes. Finally, it does not necessarily need to be a rose but is agreeable as well.

Take care,

Renee Mason

What is Wordmark? A wordmark is the typographical version of a logo. For example, Coca-Cola is a wordmark logo along with other big companies such as IBM, FedEx, Amazon.

Wordmarks need to be legible, especially at smaller sizes. If you use a thin style, the logo may not be readable at smaller sizes. For this challenge, the wordmark 1-800-Rosebud needs to be read clearly on a small scale.

Austin Run Logo Design – 7

The Austin Run Charity for Autism Logo Design Brief

Stoked that you are creating the Austin Run logo! We are a large running event that happens once a year in Austin, Texas. We had over 5,000 participants last year, and now it is time to get some excellent branding materials.

Austin Run is a charitable event for autism research and raises money for families in need of care, education, and information. The event is so much fun! There are also people dressing up in crazy outfits. Last year we had someone dressed as Darth Vader followed by 50 Storm Troopers!

Anyway, the logo style is really up to you, and we would love to see what you can come up with It could feature the Texas state shape, a landmark that represents Austin, something that represents running, or even just a text logo!

Feel free to something whacky and fun or something more simple. I am sure we will love whatever you do!

Sparked Logo Design – 8

The Sparked Logo Design Brief

Glad to connect with you. Sparked is a video game news website featuring the latest news in all video games, esports, and tech.

For our logo, we’re looking for something that works on a dark background. This logo cannot have a light or white background. We’re possibly thinking of something that uses orange, red, or yellow and features a spark, fire, flame, etc.

The Sparked brand is all about hot gaming news, so we want our logo to represent that. Feel free to check out a few examples attached for inspiration.

Our princess is another castle,

Michelle Wu

Paint Logo Design – 9

The Paint™ Logo Design Brief

Excited to be working with you! We have seen some of the previous logos you have designed, and we are remarkably impressed.

Paint™ is a fantastic mobile app that allows you to take a photo of anything and it will automatically pull up the correct colour in multiple formats including Sherwin Williams Paint, PANTONE Color, and many more.

We are looking for a redesigned logo that is visually appealing. I have attached our current logo below, but we think it is too bland. It indeed lacks some colour which is what our app is all about.

We would be open to a text-based logo or one that has an icon. The most important thing is that it is colourful, whether it be one colour or multiple. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on our logo.

Steven Reed

Anchor Logo Design – 10

Anchor Logo Design Brief

“Anchor” is a clothing line for nautical lovers! Many of our products are produced with recycled boat sail material.
We are looking for a reasonably simple logo that of course features the iconic shape of an anchor. While blue is evident for colour, we would like to try something outside of blue. We want to be more modern and fun and don’t want to use something so expected!
This logo will be on our shirts, polos, pants, tags, and all other types of apparel. Feel free to go any direction with text, but it is not required at this time unless the logo is part of the wordmark.
Lynda Bishop


Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design – 11

Sweets Logo Design Brief

We are pleased to be working with you. I am in the final steps of opening a candy shop in the UK called Sweets. Yep, a pretty impressive and straightforward name!


We’ll offer a vast variety of candy; just about anything you can imagine. I would love for the logo to capture the joys of sweet, whether it be with an icon, colours, etc.


You can try a lollipop, wrapped candy, chocolate, etc. There are genuinely a lot of different things that could represent Sweets, so long as the text “Sweets” is legible from a far distance as this will be on our sign.


I would please ask that the words “Candy Shop” are below the original name “Sweets”.

Sword and Shield Logo Design – 12

Sword and Shield Logo Design Brief

Sword & Shield logo design is an upcoming security system for tech companies. Our software includes password protection, server backups, malware protection, and more. We’re focused on appealing to medium to large scale technology companies.

For our logo, we’d, of course, love to feature a sword and shield! Our team has discussed some ideas, but we’d love to see what you come up with first.

We ask that the logo is provided in both a dark background and light background style. Thanks so much!

Lisa Harris
Sword & Shield

JJ Pizza Logo Design – 13

J.J Pizza Logo Design Brief

We are so excited that you’re taking on our rebrand! JJ Pizza has been serving the Chicago area with the very best pizza since 2002. We’re rated #1 for the area, and now it’s time to step up our game!

I’ve attached our current logo (please don’t laugh!). Was created when we first started, but there is nothing unique about it. It’s just something I put together a LONG time ago, and it’s time for something fresh.

I want to our exact red colour as the primary colour whether it’s a red logo or a white logo on a red background. Reason for this is because a lot of this red is what covers our walls, our cups, etc. and if we can keep that red, we can save some money.
The red colour required is this hex code: #DF4337

That’s the only requirement I can think regarding the logo. You can try a pizza icon, the letters, whatever you want! Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Josh Jackson
JJ Pizza

Jeffrey Young
Sweets Candy Shop

BookWorm™ Logo Design – 14

Bookworm™ Logo Design Brief

BookWorm™ is a growing online bookstore, and we are looking to get a logo designed. I am not good at this kind of stuff, so I do not know how much help I can be. We want to see what you can come up with the logo.

We are pretty much open to anything, whether it be using a worm or not. We do need the text BookWorm included, of course. Thanks!!

Tyler Fitzgerald

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore – Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore

Pups Logo Design – 15

Pups Logo Design Brief

Pups is a new online subscription service focused on dog food, toys, and medicine delivery. Our users sign up for weekly or monthly delivery of premium dog food straight to their door!

While a vast bulk of our subscribers are for dog food, we also deliver toys, treats, and medicine. We do not want our logo to focus on dog food but more around dogs/puppies!

For the Pups logo, we require the text “pups” as well as either a separate or integrated icon of a puppy or dog(s). We are so excited to see what you come up with!

Leah Duncan

Using Negative Space

Negative space logos can be complicated to pull off, but if done right, they can be mighty! Some examples of negative space logos include the arrow in the FedEx logo, USA Network logo. Do an online search for negative space logos to check out some remarkable examples.

You can try to write/type out the letters of the brand with varying styles, uppercase/lowercase, and search for opportunities to fit an image into the negative space of the glyphs or in-between the glyphs. This logo has many possibilities with the letters P U P S for negative-space should you want to try it!


Looking Back on the Challenge Months Later

The exercise of this challenge gave me lots of to think about with every project that came with issues; the main concern would be time, and time was limited.

Then came communication in typical projects you get to ask questions about the company, who they are what they represent. There is also the issue with ongoing collaboration. Once you have gone through the information to see if all sides are on the same ideas.

One of the briefs required colour to show variety in the cloth combination a service that offered a matching service. I had issues with it as it became clear to me that it will give the brand a negative effect, instead of a confidant trusted bespoke service.

With others nearly half of them, I was not happy with the turnout. I would think of like to research more and sketch new ideas even if they were not any better. To exhaust the designs to me is more preferable.
I can say that my process has become more embedded since doing this thirty-day logo design challenge.

I would recommend anyone new or old in the field to give it a try and see what they get out of the experience.