Thirty Day Logo Design Challenge 2018 Part 2

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This is part Two of the Thirty Day Logo Challenge this is part one

The Challenge

30 Days of Logo Challenges. Realistic logo design briefs via email, once a day. Let’s Do This. No junk here. Just a great way to become a better logo designer. How Does This Work? All 30 challenges mimic real logo design briefs.


Hard Cover Open Book Mockup 1

Sharp Logo Design – 16

Sharp Logo Design Brief

Sharp has been creating high-quality cooking knives for over a decade. We are known for our craftsmanship, quality, and outstanding cuts.

We provide a variety of knives from chef to bread, and we need a new logo to represent our quality. We would like our logo to be black and white, no colours, please. We love logos that focus on minimalism and feature very subtle details.

Thanks so much!

Kevin Robinson



Designing in black and white is a great way to focus on the details and overall shape of your logo design. We recommend starting in black and white to ensure the logo works in that style. Luckily, this logo requires black and white!

Fast Logo Design – 17

Fast Logo Design Brief

We’re very excited to be working with you on the Fast branding!

Fast is an online form generator where users can generate and interact with any form such as W9, contracts, etc. It’s perfect for freelancers and home business.

We’d like the word Fast to be the logo, with perhaps an icon that represents paper or a form. We also require it to be either blue or orange.

Thanks so much!
Felix Powell

Dealing With Requirements

In this logo challenge, there are undoubtedly quite a lot of requirements. They require the logo to be blue or orange, it must be a typographic logo, and it must include the idea of paper or a form.

When faced with requirements, it might feel you’re boxed-in. You should feel free to discuss some alternatives with your client, especially if you see an opportunity or reason something should be improved. However, this is a challenge series, and you’ll have to include the required!

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore

Sakura Logo Design – 18

Sakura Logo Design Brief

I own a sushi bar in downtown Los Angela’s and looking for a fresh logo!

The name of my shop is called Sakura. Which means flowering cherry (blossom) tree, so I’d ultimately be cool with using a cherry blossom, but please don’t feel that you need to use this, just an idea!

I am positively open to any other kind of sushi iconography. I do require that the name Sakura wordmark be part of the logo. Thanks!


Kyle Dawson




Since there aren’t any colour requirements for this, you can use any colour you would like! With this in mind, remember that colour can drastically change the tone of your logo.

Hampton Cove Animal Hospital Logo Design – 19

Hampton Cove Animal Hospital Logo Design Brief

We’re thrilled to see what astounding work you can do for the Hampton Cove Animal Hospital.

The Hampton Cove area is known for its mountains, so we’d love to incorporate some them in the logo somehow, maybe in the background. The primary focus, of course, should be pets/veterinary/animal hospital.

If you look around the internet, you can find a lot of great examples of animal hospital logos, and we’d love something similar to them with the uniqueness of using mountains to represent the area of our location! Thanks!

Ashley Stafford
Hampton Cove Animal Hospital

Thinking in abstract and unique ways can be ruined by too much exposure to other visually stimulating logos and designs. For example, let’s say you search for “animal hospital logos”, and you find several featuring the Color blue. Your brain may only start thinking in blue because it’s repeats over and over, and sometimes this can be bad for gaining your inspiration.

In all, it’s excellent to head to the internet to get some ideas, but it shouldn’t be your first step, and it unquestionably shouldn’t be your only method of idea generation.

Freelance Logo Design – 20

Freelance Logo Design Brief

Freelance is a company for people just like yourself! We’re an online system that helps freelancers (designers, artists, and all other creative types) manage their invoices, time, projects, client communication, etc. in one suite.

What we imagine for this logo is just the text Freelance. We can’t think of any icon or symbol that would encompass all creative types. We wouldn’t want the logo to be a pen tool icon or some other graphic design specific icon. We need the logo to be versatile in that any freelance person can connect with it.

If you can think of an icon that will work, go for it! If not, we’d unquestionably love to see just a clean type-based logo with our name. Thank you!

Karen Lackie


This challenge is an excellent example of considering your audience. The people looking at this logo will mostly be creative types, but if the logo is explicitly targeting creatives, you might alienate a potential customer for Freelance.

In several logo design cases, it’s OK for the logo to be a wordmark solely and if possible, a secondary icon. Look at popular ones out there such as Google, Coca-Cola, Pinterest.

How do you create an icon for Google? Maybe a magnifying glass to represent search, but they are not just a search engine.

When creating a wordmark logo, the primary focus should be the following:

  •  Legibility
  • Uniqueness
  • Colour

Sprinkles Logo Design – 21

Sprinkles Logo Design Brief

Ice cream. It is what we are about, and we want the logo to scream ice cream (see what I did there?)

Sprinkles is an ice cream shop with stores across the United States. We pride ourselves on the best tasting ice cream on the planet. We have won numerous awards for our taste and innovative flavours.

We are like the Willy Wonka of ice cream.
For the logo, we require the text “Sprinkles” and then some icon or visual element to represent ice cream and sprinkle topping. We want bright, fun, and tasty!

Stephen Young

Personal Logo Design – 22

Personal Logo Design Brief

You have almost made it through the entire Thirty Logos challenge series! Feels pretty impressive, right!

We hope you have learned, improved, been frustrated, been excited, and above all, felt challenged.

Let’s take a little break from the client directed challenges and try something different. We want to focus on you.

As a designer, do you have a logo? If not, design your own at this point for Challenge #22! If you have a current logo, are there ways you could improve it? Perhaps there are some ideas you can try for a new look?

Designing for yourself is classically one of the most significant challenges for many designers. Below are some ideas that may help create your personalised branding.


Do you have a unique handwriting style? Your logo does not have to be a visual icon. Your written name is a great way to brand yourself. It is unique, personal, and timeless.

Your Roots

Do you hail from an iconic town or place? Is there something about your past that defines who you are? You can try implementing something from the history of you into your logo, which tells a story.

Go Crazy

Remember, this logo represents you and not a giant corporation or a company.

You can use just about anything! Maybe you love dinosaurs. Even a T-Rex logo!

Perhaps you enjoy biking. Avatar of yourself is speeding down a hill.

Be unique and expressive. You will want to be remembered by clients. Go crazy because after all, we are designers. We have all got a little bit of crazy in us

Deadbeat Logo Design – 23

Deadbeat Logo Design Brief

Deadbeat is an online music community focused on EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Dubstep, etc. type of music. Our close competitors for your reference are Monstercat and 99Lives.

We’d like our logo to focus on the dead + beat idea. Dead could be a skull or zombie and the beat (music) featuring either headphones or music equaliser styles.

For the style, we prefer something colourful like 99Lives album art. Something when someone sees the logo and wants to listen to some excellent music!

Craig Wilson

It’s very common for a client to link you to competitor logos or logos they like. If they don’t mention why they desire the logos, you should positively ask! Is it the colours, the style, the typography, or even the emotion it provokes?

For this challenge, the reason Craig likes Monstercat and 99Lives is that it’s in the same genre of music and style. Consider their logos as inspiration but not a total driving force around the form you want the logo to be within.

Looking at competitor websites is a great way to get a grasp on the brand voice of a similar business. It can help to influence colours, vibe, typographic style, etc



Avocado Logo Design – 24

The Avocado Logo Design brief

 Avocado is an upcoming app for smart grocery shopping! Our bundle includes a mount for your phone to attach to the handle of your grocery cart/buggy and will scan each item as you put it in your cart.

This keeps track of all kinds of awesome data including total price, calories and other nutritional information, recipe ideas based on what’s in your cart, and more! We need the logo to include both an icon and text, please!

Wenatchee National Forest Logo Design – 25

Wenatchee National Forest Logo Design Brief

he Wenatchee National Forest is home to beautiful mountains, water, and hiking trails. You can see some photos here.

We need a logo to represent the forest and the beautiful mountain views. This logo will be used by the forest staff including advertising for camping, staff uniforms, website.

I have attached a few examples of logos we like, and we do require the full name Wenatchee National Forest. The text “National Forest” can be smaller and underneath “Wenatchee” if needed.

Thanks so much! We are excited to see what you design.

Kyle Brown
Wenatchee National Forest

Badge Style Logos
The logos that Kyle has attached have a similar style in that they feature a shape as the base with trees that connect to the same colour of the shape. It is a great way to build a base for your “badge” style logo.

My Wine Logo Design – 26

My Wine Logo Design Brief

My Wine is a new online service that delivers premium wine to your doorstep. You choose from a variety of tastes and preferences to pair up with your dinner plans.

We are not sure exactly what direction to go in for this, but we do know we require a merlot red colour. Somewhere around the #81151c colour range. We are also considering something that represents delivery, but it is not needed. Thank you!

Joanne Evans
My Wine

FitBitNSF Logo Design – 27

App Needs A Name Logo Design Brief

Stoked to have you on board with this logo design. Our whole team is so excited to see what you can do to represent our product.

We work directly with the National Football League and get real-time health data from the athletes during games and practices. Each player wears a FitBit, and everything from their heart rate to their speed gets sent to our app.

Users of our app are mostly nutritionists and scientists, but we have also seen fans use the app just for the excellent data.

We do not have a name for the app so we were hoping to see what you could come up with this brief.

Corey Davis
App Needs a Name (See Below)

Picking a Name
Not having a name is not as rare as you may think. Many startups may not have a name picked and will consult your creativity on trying some different brand strategies.

For this app, think of course about American Football but also the nutrition/science/fitness side of it. When posting this challenge, feel free to name it Challenge #27 (Your App Name)

Time to get that creative mind going!

Fashionista Logo Design – 28

Fashionista Logo Design Brief

We are so happy to work with you on our logo. Fashionista is a women’s fashion app that pairs your current wardrobe with amazing deals at local stores around you.

For example, a user could enter in two pairs of jeans and one yellow shirt, and our app will return with other clothes that pair well with those jeans and shirt as well as complimented outfits.

We love the simple look of logo designs. One colour background with a white logo would work well for us, especially for the app icon. We do need the logo to work as just an icon so that we can use it for our app.

Warm regards,

Anita Wood

Film Logo Design – 29

Film Logo Design Brief

Very pleased with your portfolio and logo work. FILM is a non-profit supporting film student with scholarships, free trips. FILM will help to reach them in their career goals.

We have helped many well-known directors while they were students including some who had blockbuster success.

The name FILM is the first name of the four founders: Frank, Isabella, Logan, and Maria. We four have been involved in the film industry for decades and now need our non-profit to have a great logo.

We would like you to create a logo that is black and white, whether it be a black background with white logo, or white background and black logo. We are happy with an icon and text or typography that includes subtle hints of film/cinema.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing your creation!

Logan Bates