Scottish Referendum United We Stay

by | Sep 20, 2014 | View Point

Scottish Flag - Scottish Referendum

The Scottish Referendum

United we stay t’s been a tough few weeks with the Scottish Referendum, I myself being British is listening and learned throughout the build-up to the 18th September 2014.

My thoughts were changed day by day on the outcome, with so many polls it was close and anything could happen. The outcome on the Friday morning was quite a shock, I really felt that the Scott’s were going on their own. On one side I was full of joy to see us all together, but also saddened at loss after such meaningful registration and turnout, and the conviction of so many Scottish people.

The Process

Throughout the process I tried to imagine, what could happen with a yes vote to both the Scottish and the rest of Great Britain. How do you dissolve so many ties, what would happen to the Royal house, would Queen Elizabeth II reign both country’s? There was also the army, weaponry, the national debt, frontiers and the list goes on and on what laws would they use, you could say it’s a new country the laws made in the last 300 years were made in the United Kingdom. My mind raced at all the thing that needed sorting out no pre planning of what any and many of these things would be decided and the final outcome. It’s a bit hard to vote YES with so much uncertainties brave people.

The Rest of the Union

What about the English, Welsh and Northern Ireland? This was all Scottish choice no one asked us anything, we are not Westminster as some may refer us by we would like just the same rights to make our own choices. We were not given any say on the matter, we cared what happened to the United Kingdom’s our history’s our strengths and pitfalls.

We are still together, but now we all want change all 4 countries will need to have the same, the political process has changed, a new system needs to be designed so that each country has their own laws and regulations in one way we are all becoming independent as country’s but united under the name of the United Kingdom.

United We Stay

Ways that this could happen would be each have their own government’s and united by common goals and strengths a momentary union, defense, foreign affairs, health and foods and infrastructure, elected by all a representation of our four country’s Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England ” not necessary in Westminster or England. Then the independent governments of the Kingdom’s—-this is just of the top of my head I have no political background or knowledge to understand the implications of something like this as I write the first hurdle is the EU how would that work?

* The Kingdom’s Assembly

* Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England government’s

* Brussels, European Union

That’s a lot of people deciding what can and cannot happen, could it work, would there be enough freedom, but still strong enough to be United as one?

All I know that change is coming and hope they really think things through, it’s a lifetime chance to make the United Kingdom move into the new age and the chance to be a pioneer in a new politics.

This what I love to see for our United Kingdom, Unity and independence with a new view in law and policy for the future.