Wildlife™ is happy to have you on board!

We are a non-profit organisation that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals throughout the world. Our organisation is known for our passion and personal investment in the lives of animals.

Similar to the WWF logo, we would be happy to use one animal to represent our brand or several, it is up to you. We do require a stand-alone icon for the logo that can be paired with text, although the wordmark is not necessary for this stage.

Outside of an animal icon logo, we do not have any requirements at this time.


The animal-based logo is remarkably widespread and therefore can be hard to make unique. Consider what could make yours unique. Perhaps an animal that may not be ordinarily in use? Maybe a colour or colour combination that you would not expect like a red bear?

For this challenge, you only need to design the icon, but wordmark incorporated is acceptable.

Wildlife™ Logo Design


The discovery was an email brief and limited to further questions. The research, on the other hand, showed many logos with similar animals. As children, we are familiar with stuffed toys such as teddy bears or lion cubs.


Preservation, Life, Habitat, Passion, Personal, Investment, Animal, Unique


Many ideas to draw from, some were hard to include, without making the logo too complicated. A multicolour butterfly is representing life for its short cycle, the importance of habitat and preservation. Also, its uniqueness in as a symbol.


Tried many typefaces, some were too soft and did not send the message of seriousness and investment. The stern and sharpness of the font in the world complemented the delicate butterfly curves and colours.



Many animals sketched, but the amount of animal base logos out there most did not “make the cut”. The butterfly storyline was one that gathered all the essence of the brief and brainstorm. The typeface is making it imposing.

Wildlife™ Logo Design Business Cards and Icons

Wildlife™ Logo Design business Cards
Wildlife™ Logo Design Icons

Wildlife™ Logo Design Stationery

Wildlife™ Logo Design Stationery

Wildlife™ Logo Design Poster

Wildlife™ Logo Design Poster
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