The Union – Rock Night Poster Design

Project Poster Design for Student Union Rock Night

The Union is the Roehampton student union, which commissioned the poster for there Rock night extravaganza party. They wanted skulls and angles as the theme of the poster.

The Union Poster Mockup 002

Project Description

Roehampton University Student Union, party poster for a rock night, which is held by the students at the campus bar every term. They wanted something different from previous events to attract more people this year.

The project required a selection of rock-related imagery incorporated into the poster to give the message that it was real rock night and a long night of fun, loud music.

We came up with three ideas and went with a combination of two of them. The project was on a short lead time, and all was done there and then on the spot.

All the images were from the stock photography site, they were masked out and processed to be able to combine them together and make the composition.

Project Details

Client:  Student Union
Date:  2nd July
Skills:  Photography and Photoshop

The Union – Rock Night – Poster Design – Mock-up

The Union Poster Mockup 001