Shortstop Brand Logo Concept

Brand logo for Shortstop is a courier logistic company, which need a boost to its branding to reach further afield, our brief required for a logo brand to stand out for other mainstream logistic companies out there that are easily recognised by is two colours and letter marks. 
After long research, we sow that many start-up’s or delivery services brand marks had cliché iconic box’s, vans, lorries or some sort of parcel within their logo.
It was made clear in the brief that none of these symbols should be used and the logo should be black/white or lime green to be seen and noticed. There transport vehicle’s should be white or lime green with the corresponding colour above that.
You will find below some of the concepts that were put forward during the concept and development process phase. Once the concept was chosen we went in and refined the logo for sharpness and size variations needed

Client presentation can be viewed at Behance Shortstop Logo Brand or : Shortstop Brand Logo logo designer London

Shortstop Logo Design Brand Logomark - Logo Designer London
Shortstop Logo Brand Express Van Cargo Carriers

Graphic Design: Logo Clearspace

The logo rules to size restrictions are as follow The ShortStop brand-mark has an established fixed size and the spacing relationship between the different elements so that they can appear together without competing for attention.

Make sure the logo has a margin that is 3x the hight of the letter H spacing (the space between the logo mark and the logotype).

Keeping other elements away from this margin helps maintain the logo’s prominence and helps to maintain a clean look.

Please treat our logo with respect. Don’t crowd it with other elements. And don’t make it so small that it requires a magnifying glass to read it.

Our logo should have a presence within the piece.

The logo must appear on the first and most prominent occurrence of all communications, as well as back covers of printed materials.


  • Our logo should appear at the bottom right of a piece whenever
    possible — think of it as our sign-off.
  • When sharing the space with other logos, ours should always be
    equal in size
Logo Design Concept Shortstop Logo Guiidlines

Graphic Design

Company Logo – ShortStop

Shortstop Logo Brand Express Van Cargo Carrier

One of three designs for different vehicles is for the city transit van to be highly visible and distinct from its competitors. While at the same time advertising its brand. 

Shortstop Box Van Signage

Two of three is the box van for inter-town delivery and larger Items it follows the same design as the transit van.

Shortstop Lorry Truck Branding

Three of three is the articulated lorry for long-distance hauls. Will less heavily design elements as the prior vans, the articulated lorry has a billboard size sign which can be seen from the distance and easily recognisable.

 Logo Uniform London based Company

Here you can see an example of how the brand logo is carried forward and distinct

Shortstop Logo Design Baseball Cap Mockup
Shortstop Logo Design Polo T-Shirt Style

Logo Design Media 

We can see here is examples of how the site will look on mobile devices saw as the official stationery of the company.

Shortstop Logo Design Ipad
Shortstop Logo Brand Smart Phone Mockup
Shortstop Stationery