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Sakura Logo Design Challenge 18

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 1, 2018

Sakura Logo Design Brief

I own a sushi bar in downtown Los Angela’s and looking for a fresh logo!

The name of my shop is called Sakura. Which means flowering cherry (blossom) tree, so I’d ultimately be cool with using a cherry blossom, but please don’t feel that you need to use this, just an idea!

I am positively open to any other kind of sushi iconography. I do require that the name Sakura wordmark be part of the logo. Thanks!

Kyle Dawson


Since there aren’t any colour requirements for this, you can use any colour you would like! With this in mind, remember that colour can drastically change the tone of your logo.

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore


A fresh logo for a sushi bar located in LA with a name meaning cherry blossom, it must include the wordmark. On discovery and research, lots of images depicting cherry blossoms and many styles for sushi cuisine from all around the world.

Elements of different blossoms were sketched out, to see what would be more suited.


Cherry blossom extravagance, some pure in structure others very intricate and detailed. There was also the typeface to be considered when combining both thy element and wordmark.

Sakura in Japanese gave a real sense of originality, authentication to the logo.


After some debate with myself, the cherry blossom or Japanese lettering it divided me. Which were the right choice for the client and its sushi bar and not my personal preference, I seemed to have a conflict of interest here to my own choice between either of them?

I found the Japanese name far more appealing to my taste I have included them here as a reminder that the work is not to your liking but the interest of the client, and it is business or product and image.

Sakura Logo Design Stationery


Sakura Logo Design Signage


Sakura Logo Design Wall Plaque

Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

Graphic Designer

Chris San-Claire is the founder of the graphic design studio Nuision Designs. He helps brands grow & get results by crafting distinctive logos & brand identities, backed by strategy.