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      Rootmover Logo Design

      Briefing Statement

      Client: Rootmover
      Strapline: Maintaining the Great Outdoor


      Can always be counted on, trustworthy results; like a good friend.
      Brand and product feel like a one-to-one relationship. Rootmover, a partner that understands your needs.
      Fresh, Stunning and iconic.

      Who is my target audience and what do they want from me?
      What areas of gardening would you cover?
      How many employees do you have?


      Use the following type hierarchy as a guide to set type in your layout. Adhering to these styles will ensure a consistent manner across all Rootmover communications.

      Header =Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 — 40/42 pt
      Sub-Head = Trade Gothic Bold — 15/18 pt
      Body Copy = Trade Gothic Light — 12/15 pt

      About Rootmover

      Experienced professionals who have worked. We found the old ways of booking gardeners frustrating, so we created Rootmover to make it better.
      Since we’ve been around for a while, entering the business in 2009, we know both how to do challenging work the old-fashioned way and use all the latest tools, equipment and techniques to serve our customers the best way possible – combining best of both centuries!

      One of the most convenient features of the company is our high standard of customer service – we continuously strive for gathering feedback, thus helping us improve all aspects of the services we offer every day and always go the extra mile for YOU – our customers.

      An Example of the Logo on Different Backgrounds

      An Example of the Logo Business Card