Rootmover Logo Design Freelance Gardener Start-up

Rootmover Logo

 Rootmover logo design and concept and company statement and brief.


Experienced freelance professionals who have worked. We found the old ways of booking gardeners frustrating, so we created Rootmovers to make it better.

Since we’ve been around for a while and entering into business in 2009. We know how to do challenging work the old-fashioned way hands-on. As well as being able to take advantage of the latest tools, equipment and techniques to serve our customers the best way possible – combining the best of both worlds.


Client: Stuart Wheeler

Logo: Rootmover Start-up

Strapline: Maintaining the Great Outdoors.


Dependable Always can be counted on, reliable results; like a good friend.

Personable, Brand and product feel like a one-to-one relationship — Rootmover, a partner that understands your needs Stylish, Fresh, Stunning and iconic.

How is my target audience, and what do they want from me?

  • Photoshop 20% 20%
  • Illustrator 70% 70%
  • Indesign 0% 0%
  • Pen and Paper 60% 60%


Dependable, Reliable, Friend, Personal, Stylish, Fresh, Stunning, Iconic, these are the attribute required for this logo design project.


  • Researched the London and home county area of similar service offerings. To see what was offered and the type of audience they catered too.
  • As questions to the current clients about there requirements of the service it provides.
  • Then moved on to brainstorming keyword for ideas.
  • I moved those into sketches for the design of the logo.



A selection of five icons/marks were selected with another three typefaces that felt that they inspired the dependable stunning iconic personal touch. Then a variety of colours that would represent fresh, reliable and friendly.



The briefing was very well executed from the start and left an enormous scope of possibility to create the right Iconic logo required by the client. 

As the logo was needed to be used on the standard stationery but also on vehicles and tools.

The idea was to make it simple and bold at the same time, so it could be seen from close and far away with the details withstanding.


Rootmover owner Stuart Wheeler accepted the designs and moved forward to the next steps in the branding of his company.

Rootmove Van Mockup

Rootmover Van Logo

This mockup shows Rootmover van Logo in both vertical and horizontal versions printed on vinyl. The horizontal version on the front of the van, while the vertical version on each side.

Rootmover Logo Placement Examples

Here you can see how the Logo will in place on printed materials. It shows the white and green Logo placed on a full-colour image. The Logo must always be seen clearly and centred on the page.

The seconds shows the Logo on a solid background, with contrast standing out of the page. Once again, the Logo needs to stand out and centred to its area.

Rootmover does not want a solid white Logo making it more difficult to place over a busy background and light background colours. They insisted on the green.


Rootmover Logo Design 02 S Nuisioncom

Rootmover Logo Business Card Examples

The business card has a portrait layout with the backside a random flowers. On the front, all information and Logo is present large and clear. The business card backside will have a collection of vibrant flowers to make the cards more unique.

Rootmover Logo Design 03 Nuisioncom S