Ping is thrilled to be working with you. As you know, Ping is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams. Some of our most significant competitors are Slack and Skype. What sets us apart is that we offer substantial features like group screen sharing, free of charge.

Our logo needs are text-based, focused on the word Ping. Feel free to explore icons which align with the name, but the name has to be combined.

We are open to any colour scheme but would like to stay away from blues if possible. We are also open to any typographic style and graphical style.

Ping Logo Design #1


The brief was plain and simple a chat platform for small teams competing with the likes of Slack and Skype.

The logo needed to be a wordmark with no blue icon was not necessary.


Comic text box for ping sound
Mobile chat box
Jumbled letters


Went with all the brainstorm ideas of a speech bubble and comic sound, it made it made it look ordinary no distinction. Moved away from all that and started working on letter form, rounded typeface.


The selection of the typeface was at this point the main contributor to the final logo. The font needed to be round for a bounce for ping pong, the closeness of the intersected typeface to indicate small team close


Looking back at this challenge I found that it was one of my favourites so far, I had enjoyed scrapping the first ideas and ultimately went in a different direction. Which then went on to have the orange colour added to for energy, balance and inviting.

Ping Logo Design Icon

Ping Logo Design Mobile in Hand

Ping Logo Design Mobile in Hand

Ping Logo Design Devices

Ping Logo Design Devices
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