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PHOTOSTUDIO 72 Logo Design

Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation. Either electronically utilizing an image sensor, or chemically using a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.


PhotoStudio 72 logo design and Visual identity, for an up and coming Nottingham photographer, specializing in wedding and events. This project aims to create a logo that would represent the person and his professional skills, encompassing a friendly, calm and fun surrounding.

The logo needs to be clean, sharp, with a colour selection that would enshrine those qualities. The client wanted to have all the requirements ready for print on stationery, equipment casing and digital medias such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The client received a base logo guidelines and all different logo formats to print and social media formats.

Client: PhotoStudio 72

Project: Visual Communication Logo Design

Skills: Logo, Branding, Design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

The aim is to create a visual representation of the various parts of the business. Through colours and sharp that would relate to their field of work.

  • Adobe Photoshop 10% 10%
  • Adobe Illustrator 60% 60%
  • Adobe Indesign 30% 30%
PhotoStudio 72 Visual identity Logo

We presented the client with a guild for the use of the logo and its icons stating the spacing, size and avatars for social media. The Logo typography and colour codes.

PhotoStudio 72 Brand Guidelines #1
Who to use and how not to use the logo, so it was coherent throughout its branding. When to use one and not the other, this guild will keep the logo stand by its self.
PhotoStudio 72 Brand Guidelines #3

Stationery Mockups

PhotoStudio72 logo design stationery print on white and black as required by the client.

PhotoStudio 72 Brand Stationery Mockups #1

The mockup below shows all the elements of the office stationery for PhotoStudio72 logo. Letterheads, Business Cards, envelopes etc.

PhotoStudio 72 Brand Stationery Mockups #3

Here is a mockup of the Letterhead, Business Card and envelope at a different perspective.

PhotoStudio 72 Brand Stationery Mockups #2
PhotoStudio 72 Brand Stationery Mockups #4
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