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Personal Logo Design – Challenge 22

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 5, 2018

Personal Logo Design Brief

You have almost made it through the entire Thirty Logos challenge series! Feels pretty impressive, right!

We hope you have learned, improved, been frustrated, been excited, and above all, felt challenged.

Let’s take a little break from the client directed challenges and try something different. We want to focus on you.

As a designer, do you have a logo? If not, design your own at this point for Challenge #22! If you have a current logo, are there ways you could improve it? Perhaps there are some ideas you can try for a new look?

Designing for yourself is classically one of the most significant challenges for many designers. Below are some ideas that may help create your personalised branding.


Do you have a unique handwriting style? Your logo does not have to be a visual icon. Your written name is a great way to brand yourself. It is unique, personal, and timeless.

Your Roots

Do you hail from an iconic town or place? Is there something about your past that defines who you are? You can try implementing something from the history of you into your logo, which tells a story.

Go Crazy

Remember, this logo represents you and not a giant corporation or a company.

You can use just about anything! Maybe you love dinosaurs. Even a T-Rex logo!

Perhaps you enjoy biking. Avatar of yourself is speeding down a hill.

Be unique and expressive. You will want to be remembered by clients. Go crazy because after all, we are designers. We have all got a little bit of crazy in us.

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore



I’m the client I can ask all the questions that I desire but still finding your brand is not as easy as one might think. You have to delve deep to see what you want to communicate, how to be portrayed.


Me, self, Designer, Pleasant, Trusted, Honest, Classic, Minimal.


Not long I did this for the current logo it was designed for the website more than me, so I took this chance to make it more personal. There have always been issues with the name “Chris San-Claire” not all typeface sit well with this combination of letters.

I went on a rampage trying to great a monogram styles; I can tell you I can draw the letter S much better. There were loads of combinations some worthy some too out there and not me at all.

It came to this as I placed a can of coke on the scraps of sketches. The cane left a mark similar to those effects you find a ring tea stain. Well, this gave me the idea of a circle trimmed to all text and the S in the centre.


It was hard harder than most of you there and then dismissed your work very quickly however much you like to follow the process, in this instance, it is breakable as your seeing the work and ideas your judge and jury, prosecution and defence.

Original Logo Sheet


CS Designer Logo Office Signage

Cs Designer Logo Office Signage

CS Designer Logo Round Sign

Cs Designer Logo Design Mono

Personal Logo Design “CS Designer” – Stationery

Cs Designer Logo Stationery
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

Graphic Designer

Chris San-Claire is the founder of the graphic design studio Nuision Designs. He helps brands grow & get results by crafting distinctive logos & brand identities, backed by strategy.