Lost Lives Matt Westfield Poster and CD Cover

 By Nuision Designs

Lost Lives Matt Westfield


Matt Westfield is a solo singer in London, with his first album out. Matt had no preferences for the cover, or poster budget was limited as he was publishing for himself, for self-promotion.

We went through some ideas together. With a combination of the lyric and typeface, we came to a final design.

Confirm with the printer and sent the job out. We have got the proof and adjusted some colour tones and finalised the project.


Matt Westfield new compact disc posters and CD covers. We decided to make it a play with typography with titles for the record, and that the album name was “Lost Lives” circle and life are going around and around the poster.



Client: Lost Lives Matt Westfield

Date: March 2013

Skills: Design

Lost Lives by Matt Westfield CD and Cover

A mockup of the cd and cover

Lost Lives - Matt Westfield
Lost Lives - Matt Westfield