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Backgroung Summary

Katyayani, or Dr Katya Langmuur, is a professional development facilitator, academic and meditation teacher. With a PhD in the nature of charismatic leadership, coupled with over twenty years’ hands-on experience with groups and individuals, she finds innovative and engaging ways of threading behavioural science, psychology, philosophy and ethics into modern ways of living and working.

Katyayani Logo Design Brief

The logo must encompass a message of calmness, spiritual and fulfilment. Distinct from more commonly seen therapy logos, with a classical look and easy to read.

The colours need to show calm, resolution and distinction and stand out from the crowd.
I am a spiritual person with knowledge in several traditional meditation techniques — an excellent understanding of human nature and phycology.


Client: Dr Katya Langmuur

Project: Katyayani Logo Design


  • Adobe Photoshop 10% 10%
  • Adobe Illustrator 60% 60%
  • Adobe Indesign 30% 30%

Katyayani Logo Design on Business Stationery

Mockup of the business stationery and business fliers.

Katyayani Stationary 2

katyayani Logo Design on Website

Graphics and concept for the website

Kayayani - Website