J.J Pizza Logo Design Brief

We are so excited that you’re taking on our rebrand! JJ Pizza has been serving the Chicago area with the very best pizza since 2002. We’re rated #1 for the area, and now it’s time to step up our game!

I’ve attached our current logo (please don’t laugh!). Was created when we first started, but there is nothing unique about it. It’s just something I put together a LONG time ago, and it’s time for something fresh.

I want to our exact red colour as the primary colour whether it’s a red logo or a white logo on a red background. Reason for this is because a lot of this red is what covers our walls, our cups, etc. and if we can keep that red, we can save some money.

The red colour required is this hex code: #DF4337

That’s the only requirement I can think regarding the logo. You can try a pizza icon, the letters, whatever you want! Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Josh Jackson
JJ Pizza

JJ Pizza Logo Design


The choice of colour gave direction and left everything else very open.


Pizza, red, Initials, Italian, fresh, Chicago.


The double J was hard to find typeface and how to complement the rest of the elements. The final logo is traditional and may resemble many other pizza shops. It is a good idea to make it easy to recognise, while still having some quirky uniqueness.

JJ Pizza Logo Design Pizza Box

JJ Pizza Logo Design Pizza Box

JJ Pizza Logo Design Window Signage

JJ Pizza Logo Design Window Signage

JJ Pizza Logo Design T-Shirt

JJ Pizza Logo Design T-Shirt
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