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Freelance Logo Design Challenge 20

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 3, 2018

Freelance Logo Design Brief

Freelance is a company for people just like yourself! We’re an online system that helps freelancers (designers, artists, and all other creative types) manage their invoices, time, projects, client communication, etc. in one suite.

What we imagine for this logo is just the text Freelance. We can’t think of any icon or symbol that would encompass all creative types. We wouldn’t want the logo to be a pen tool icon or some other graphic design specific icon. We need the logo to be versatile in that any freelance person can connect with it.

If you can think of an icon that will work, go for it! If not, we’d unquestionably love to see just a clean type-based logo with our name. Thank you!

Karen Lackie

This challenge is an excellent example of considering your audience. The people looking at this logo will mostly be creative types, but if the logo is explicitly targeting creatives, you might alienate a potential customer for Freelance.

In several logo design cases, it’s OK for the logo to be a wordmark solely and if possible, a secondary icon. Look at popular ones out there such as Google, Coca-Cola, Pinterest.

How do you create an icon for Google? Maybe a magnifying glass to represent search, but they are not just a search engine.

When creating a wordmark logo, the primary focus should be the following:



From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore


Discovery and Research gave some idea of what might work for this logo. Targeted at a creative field of work such as designers, artists and digital media. The list goes on and on so


Form, Freelance, interconnection, icon, artist, designer, brush.


With a few ideas put on paper on of them stook out more the drawing of a hand holding a tool. So we started from there on the finger grip and later removed elements itself to simplify and give it a more comprehensive range of use to other types of professions and tool the three finger grip to look like an F too.


It was not a natural symbol to create and find it to serve a range of professions; I believe it to have achieved this and with time the icon would stand out by its self.

Freelance Logo Design Icon

Freelance Logo Design Icon

Freelance Logo Design Screen Placement

Freelance Logo Design Screen Placement

Freelance Logo Design T-Shirt

Freelance Logo Design T Shirt
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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