Fitbit Nsf Logo Design Full Colour

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FitBitNSF Logo Design – Challenge 27

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 10, 2018

App Needs a Name Logo Design Brief

Stoked to have you on board with this logo design. Our whole team is so excited to see what you can do to represent our product.

We work directly with the National Football League and get real-time health data from the athletes during games and practices. Each player wears a FitBit, and everything from their heart rate to their speed gets sent to our app.

Users of our app are mostly nutritionists and scientists, but we have also seen fans use the app just for the excellent data.

We do not have a name for the app so we were hoping to see what you could come up with this brief.

Corey Davis
App Needs a Name (See Below)

Picking a Name

Not having a name is not as rare as you may think. Many startups may not have a name picked and will consult your creativity on trying some different brand strategies.

For this app, think of course about American Football but also the nutrition/science/fitness side of it. When posting this challenge, feel free to name it Challenge #27 (Your App Name)

Time to get that creative mind going!


When looking at each of the three areas Nutrition, Science and Fitness and American Football a monogram “NSF” for the logo, So the research into American football logos and Fitness apps


Food, Diet, Subsistence, nourishment,
Science, Physiology, Biology,
Fitness, Health, Shape, robustness,


After looking at American Football, Science world and Fitness logos. There were no shared areas of styles, at this point we needed to take another approach to the App name and logo.

Sport/Fitness icon is adding a science style symbol and the FitbitNSF the name.

FitBit NSF Logo Design Mono and Reversal

Fitbit Nsf Logo Design Mono
Fitbit Nsf Logo Design Mono Reversal

FitbitNSF Logo Design Teck

Fitbitnsf Logo Design Teck

FitbitNSF Logo Design Mobile Device

Fitbitnsf Logo Design Mobile Device

FitbitNSF Logo Design Wear Device

Fitbitnsf Logo Design Wear Device
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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