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Fast Logo Design Challenge 17

By Chris San-Claire

Mar 31, 2018

Fast Logo Design Brief

We’re very excited to be working with you on the Fast branding!

Fast is an online form generator where users can generate and interact with any form such as W9, contracts, etc. It’s perfect for freelancers and home business.

We’d like the word Fast to be the logo, with perhaps an icon that represents paper or a form. We also require it to be either blue or orange.

Thanks so much!

Felix Powell


Dealing With Requirements

In this logo challenge, there are undoubtedly quite a lot of requirements. They require the logo to be blue or orange, it must be a typographic logo, and it must include the idea of paper or a form.

When faced with requirements, it might feel you’re boxed-in. You should feel free to discuss some alternatives with your client, especially if you see an opportunity or reason something should be improved. However, this is a challenge series, and you’ll have to include the required!

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore


An Online form generator with other types of form systems, ideal for small and medium-size business use. The require an icon/symbol of a depicting a form or paper. Colour stipulation blue or orange.

During research and discovery, there is already an abundance of icons representing the required elements of paper and forms familiar to the general populous.


Paper, form, blue, orange, interaction, personal, speed, ease of use.


Concentrating on the paper and form concept whiles incorporating interactions with other form systems.

Although there is an idea of what forms should look like, changing the concept which is easily recognisable icons would go against the logo, a form type icon is chosen just for that reason. It is identifiable at a glance.

To add speed, interaction and easy to use, the logo has a shear to the right to convey motion.
Some of the ideas tended to be too playful trying to add personal, a reminder to go back to the brief and remember its a business aid and some formal status needed preserving.


Boxed-in was an understatement; the document icons are widely in use in the digital age on many operating systems and website.

The thought was to keep it simple and use the recognition of the form to complement the products name in the logo.

Fast Logo Design on Devices

Fast Logo Design On Devices
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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