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Fashionista Logo Design Challenge 28

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 11, 2018

Fashionista Logo Design Brief

We are so happy to work with you on our logo. Fashionista is a women’s fashion app that pairs your current wardrobe with amazing deals at local stores around you. For example, a user could enter in two pairs of jeans and one yellow shirt, and our app will return with other clothes that pair well with those jeans and shirt as well as complimented outfits.

We love the simple look of logo designs. One colour background with a white logo would work well for us, especially for the app icon. We do need the logo to work as just an icon so that we can use it for our app.

Warm regards,

Anita Wood


I started by looking at other clothing brands and still looking for colour as requested by the brief. There was a possibility, but with a market filled with vast amounts of clothing brands, I need ideas to make it stand out. I came across many obstacles selecting typography that did not near match others. Its the first time that I thought that the brief was not workable. Long hours at looking at app stores. I would of like more input and explain my reasons why this was not the best way to go. 


My first aim way to find a typeface that was not in use by many others in the industry to near match. I had five candidates that I felt were suitable for this project.

Then came colour as requested by the client, I tired single tone duotones, but they did not give value to the brand as a whole and will cause issue later.

Making many combinations and looking at them, they were not right, so I went back to the brief and went against it. Fashionista is a company matching other brands names it needed to be iconic and sophisticated to be on top of the service it provides.



I went off-book. I believe that my instincts were correct, to create a brand that would stand on its own across many media. 

It was hard to follow the brief as I could not interact with the client to get more information and but my observation forward. I choose a typeface that gave flare and confidence to the brand and its idea. 


Fashionista is bold and loud recognisable in its merit.


Fashionista Logo Design Signage

Fashionista Logo Design Signage

Fashionista Logo Design Paper

Fashionista Logo Design Paper

Fashionista Logo Design Online Devices

Fashionista Logo Design Online Devices

Fashionista Logo Design icon

Fashionista Logo Design Reversal

Fashionista Logo Design Icon
Fashionista Logo Design Reversal
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

Graphic Designer

Chris San-Claire is the founder of the graphic design studio Nuision Designs. He helps brands grow & get results by crafting distinctive logos & brand identities, backed by strategy.