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Deadbeat Logo Design – Challenge 23

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 6, 2018

Deadbeat Logo Design Brief

Deadbeat is an online music community focused on EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Dubstep, etc. type of music. Our close competitors for your reference are Monstercat and 99Lives.

We’d like our logo to focus on the dead + beat idea. Dead could be a skull or zombie and the beat (music) featuring either headphones or music equaliser styles.

For the style, we prefer something colourful like 99Lives album art. Something when someone sees the logo and wants to listen to some excellent music!

Craig Wilson


It’s very common for a client to link you to competitor logos or logos they like. If they don’t mention why they desire the logos, you should positively ask! Is it the colours, the style, the typography, or even the emotion it provokes?

For this challenge, the reason Craig likes Monstercat and 99Lives is that it’s in the same genre of music and style. Consider their logos as inspiration but not a total driving force around the form you want the logo to be within.

Looking at competitor websites is a great way to get a grasp on the brand voice of a similar business. It can help to influence colours, vibe, typographic style, etc

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore


The client gave us their competitors on the brief; this made discovery and research much more directional. We found many other online music stores or communities.


Dead, Beat, headset, colour, vibes, emotion, skull, zombie,


Elements of the brief were sketched to find which would be used to best server the logo. Skulls and headsets with many combinations, somehow it looked very similar to other logos we found although not entirely in the same market.

A different direction decided to go for the death+Skull=Grim Ripper with a two-tone wordmark for the beat.


Got carried away with this project too many details were included and became difficult for the logo to work in many different media. I still feel that there was more that could have been done deadline allowing. What I do see is that the logo stands out and is fulfilling its role.

Deadbeat Logo Design UI Design – Mobile Display

Deadbeat Logo Design Ui Design Mobile Display

DeadBeat Logo Design Headset

Deadbeat Online Music Logo Mockup 5 Headset

DeadBeat Logo Design Office Glass Signage

Deadbeat Logo Design Office Glass Signage
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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