Dance Tunnel Fundraiser C.A.L.M Poster Design

Dance Tunnel Poster

Dance Tunnel Poster was a fundraiser and awareness of male youth that commit suicide every year in the United Kingdom. The poster was to publicise the fundraiser for the party. The poster needed to attract youth the club while not making it evident so as not to put people off.

Client:  The C.A.L.M Zone (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Dance Tunnel Poster Display

Dance Tunnel Poster Frame

What are the recent trends? Facts:


There were 6,708 suicides in the UK and ROI in 2013.

In 2013, 6,233 suicides were registered in the UK. Suicides correspond to a rate of 11.9 per 100,000 (19.0 per 100,000 for men and 5.1 per 100,000 for women).

The male suicide rate is the highest since 2001. The suicide rate among men aged 45-59, 25.1 per 100,000, is the highest for this group since 1981.

Male suicides in Wales rose by 23 per cent between 2012 and 2013. The rate for males (26.1 per 100,000) is at its highest since 1981.

Scotland and Northern Ireland show higher suicide rates in general for all persons, males and females. However, rates are not necessarily directly comparable.

Unlike the trend in the UK as a whole and other constituent nations, the suicide rate in Scotland has declined since 2007.

Rates in the Republic of Ireland have fluctuated more than in the UK in recent years, but have declined in the last two years.

The recent increase in the UK is not surprising, given the context of a challenging economic environment and its social impact.

Source: Samaritans SUICIDE STATISTICS REPORT 2015 Including data for 2011-2013

Dance Tunnel Fundraiser Poster for C.A.L.M

Dance Tunnel Poster