BookWorm™ Logo Design Brief

BookWorm™ is a growing online bookstore, and we are looking to get a logo designed. I am not good at this kind of stuff, so I do not know how much help I can be. We just want to see what you can come up with the logo.

We are pretty much open to anything, whether it be using a worm or not. We do need the text BookWorm included of course. Thanks!!

Tyler Fitzgerald


From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore

BookWorm Logo Design


The client request was simple it was open to anything and wanted the brand name for its online bookstore.


Amazon Books, Wordery, Waterstones.


I created a moodboard so for colours and shapes


Book, worm, glasses, brown, green, icon, symbol.


It was apparent that the logo is a wordmark or have a book and worm or either. Elements of books and some worm characters and a choice of typefaces, The need for the logo to be eligible at a small size to fit for purpose on a website, wish is typically sized 60-80 px.

Once the elements of books and worms sketched, it was time to vectorise them. It became clear that the more detail and colour that the image would become hard to view at smaller sizes.


At the time it seemed natural and straightforward. A bookworm and the wordmark it appeared to work well with the brief.

Looking at it the days afterwards seems it could of have been further refinements. More could have been done by designing a more complete logo mark for social media as well as further pages to it website although this was only for a logo, we could of have demonstrated a greater understanding of it’s use.

BookWorm Logo Design Laptop

This is Bookworm logo website mockup it shows a clear simplistic style with clear heading to assist the visiter.

BookWorm Logo Design Laptop

BookWorm Logo Design Delivery Boxes

As you can see the logo has been extended to its online delivery packaging with simple and clear display.

BookWorm Logo Design Delivery Boxes

Lessons learned

By completing this project I realised the issues needed to create a real-life logo.  Here some pointers!

  • More information about the business and its needs
  • The business future goals and aspirations
  • A greater amount of time to be able to test the logo on different applications
  • More about the persona of the client
  • Mission Statement 
  • Someone to ask questions about the company. 

Yes, this was a 24-hour challenge before the next one the following day. It shows that we take or granted the importance of the information gathering someone in the business to communicate to see the bigger picture.

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