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Avocado Logo Design – Challenge 24

By Chris San-Claire

Apr 7, 2018

Avocado Smart Shopping Logo Brief

Avocado is an upcoming app for smart grocery shopping! Our bundle includes a mount for your phone to attach to the handle of your grocery cart/buggy and will scan each item as you put it in your shopping trolly. It keeps track of all kinds of excellent data including total price, calories and other nutritional information, recipe ideas based on what’s in your cart, and more!

We need the logo to include both an icon and text, please! We also ask that you provide what the app icon would look like with the logo. Thanks!

Zoey Pearson

App Icons and Scale

You will most likely have at least one logo design client for an app! What does this mean for your logo design? Scale! More precisely, small size.

The iPhone app icon, for example, has a lot of different sizes. It shows up in a spotlight search, iTunes artwork, and of course on the phones home screen.

For this challenge, focus on making the app icon work at about 60×60 pixels! Make sure the logo reads well at this smaller size. Good luck!

From Thirty Day Logo Challenge – LogoCore


Clear brief an app to help you shop and keep track of other information, smart way to shop and see all the information displayed right in front of you.

Brainstorm and Ideas

There were many things in researching this project; there was one issue there was no design input from the app development it was like flying blind, I tried to create a setting for this logo/icon to sit on there were far too many variables.


I went back to the project after and tried to think why I found it so hard to create this project; I placed the two main elements and a style to it why was I still bothered about it. I like the fun avocado riding the cart/shopping trolly.

Why was the name called avocado what was the story behind it? These and many more questions are unanswered.

Avocado Logo Design – Mono

Avocado Mono Logo Design

Avocado Logo Design – Mono Reversal

Avocado Mono Reversal Logo Design

Avocado Logo Design Icons

Avocado Logo Design Icons V2 100

Avocado Logo Design Mobile Placement

Avocado Logo Design Mobile Placement
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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