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Austin Run Logo Design – Challenge 7

By Chris San-Claire

Mar 21, 2018


Stoked that you are creating the Austin Run logo! We are a large running event that happens once a year in Austin, Texas. We had over 5,000 participants last year, and now it is time to get some excellent branding materials.

Austin Run is a charitable event for autism research and raises money for families in need of care, education, and information. The event is so much fun! There are also people dressing up in crazy outfits. Last year we had someone dressed as Darth Vader followed by 50 Storm Troopers!

Anyway, the logo style is really up to you, and we would love to see what you can come up with It could feature the Texas state shape, a landmark that represents Austin, something that represents running, or even just a text logo! Feel free to something whacky and fun or something more simple. I am sure we will love whatever you do!


Following the brief, the client required a new logo for this years Austin Run event. On research done the most used symbol or icons used are primer colours and puzzle pieces.


Primer colours, puzzle pieces, run, running, Austin, runners, people, fun.


Group of silhouette people running in different primer colours. Then tried a rainbow inside silhouettes of people. The puzzle pieces which is the most recognised for autism. Hence that is what we went for in the final version.


To add more dimension to the logo, I wanted to add speed, movement, energy, for this reason, I choose a form that would give the meaning of speed, energy and motion.


It’s a one day challenge, and I thought I had done my best. Looking back after I feel it was not the most well-done logo design.

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Austin Run Logo Design Hoodie

Austin Run Logo Design Hoodie

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Austin Run Logo Design Event Energy Drink

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Austin Run Logo Design Event Poster
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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