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Anchor Logo Design – Challenge 10

By Chris San-Claire

Mar 24, 2018

Anchor Logo Design Brief

“Anchor” is a clothing line for the nautical lovers! Many of our products are produced with recycled boat sail material.

We are looking for a reasonably simple logo that of course features the iconic shape of an anchor. While blue is evident for colour, we would like to try something outside of blue. We want to be more modern and fun and don’t want to use something so expected!

This logo will be on our shirts, polos, pants, tags, and all other types of apparel. Feel free to go any direction with text, but it is not required at this time unless the logo is part of the wordmark.

Lynda Bishop


The Unexpected

As Lynda mentioned above, she does not want to use blue. When designing a logo for a maritime-themed company, the most self-evident colour that comes to mind is blue which represents water. However, these sort of simple ideas are sometimes the first ones you should not consider.

You want your logos to be unique amongst the crowd. Think of the logo as a product on a shelf in a grocery store. Blue anchor, blue anchor, blue anchor, wait. What’s this one? Orange? Interesting.

You just created a memorable moment for the consumer, and thus brand recognition starts to kick in. They may have just totally forgotten about all those blue anchors.


The client was specific on what they were after in their logo in the briefing. No blue was specified, maritime-theme, products, tags, clothing.


nautical, marine, anchor, cloth, thread, classic, uniqueness, chic, unique, aquatic, sea.

Initial Ideas

An anchor as the centre of the point adding rope in some way to resemble thread, the cloth used from sails was hard to find a way to find a way to create; the best choice is the would be to add a hatched element to resemble the weave of the cloth.

Once the elements were created and composed there was a choice of colour, not blue after careful thought, the logo would be best set up in black for it to include classic and unique.

Thought and Conclusion

The individual elements were natural to create an anchor, rope, weave, a wave and sail. Once placed together it all became too busy, cluttered, with some different iterations the logo became more and more common. Deadline running close hard choices had to be made.

Anchor Logo Design Tag

Anchor Logo Design Tag

Anchor Logo Design T-Shirt

Anchor Logo Design T Shirt
Christopher San Claire

Christopher San Claire

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