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      1980s Scrapbook for Robert Opie Collection of Brands of the Ages

      1980s Scrapbook New Book Cover


      Cover for a Book on Brands

      • Collect 1980’s unique brands of its time.
      • People that inspired the age.
      • The fashion of its time.
      • Gadget’s remembered for its time.
      • Music.
      • Events.


      Project: Design a Cover for a new book.

      Client: Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

      • Illustrator 10%
      • Photoshop 80%
      • Pencil and Pen 10%

      1980s Scrapbook.

      Margaret Thatcher “The Iron Lady”

      Princess Diana Windsor “The Wedding of the Decade”

      The Rubik Cube although invented in the 1970s, it was a symbol of the 1980s.

      Live Aid was a dual-venue concert held on 13 July 1985, and an ongoing music-based fundraising initiative.

      1980 Scrapbook Robert Opie

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