1-800-Rosebud is an online flower shop which sells bouquets of flowers and gifts for any special occasion!

We are looking for a logo that represents a flower or flowers along with our name, 1-800-Rosebud. We are open to any colours but prefer something warm over cooler colours (blues, black, etc.)

Since this logo also features our phone number, the wordmark needs to be legible at large and smaller sizes. Finally, it does not necessarily need to be a rose but is agreeable as well.

Take care,

Renee Mason



What is a Wordmark? A wordmark is the typographical version of a logo. For example, Coca-Cola is a wordmark logo along with other big companies such as IBM, FedEx, Amazon.

Wordmarks need to be legible, especially at smaller sizes. If you use a thin style, the logo may not be readable at smaller sizes. For this challenge, the wordmark 1-800-Rosebud needs to be read clearly at a small scale.

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design


Discovery and research gave very little to work with the brief were sparse and open with little to no information apart from examples of the other brand’s wordmark with no use of blue or black.


Typographic, Rose, Flower/s, Warm, Special, Gift


Started off with different flowers and a set of script typefaces, for the wordmark started to take shape. Many flowers were taken off and went for a negative floral bud.

Later in the process combining the wordmark and the bud element, it looked unbalanced far too long and high. Hence it was taken to place it at a slant add in the digits above it near the bud element to include all but making it more compact.


Typography is where the logo needed to stand out more. The chosen typeface was to insert the warmth of the curves. Script to how “gift, personal, special”.

Colour was a balance of fresh and warm.


It was a hard logo to pull with many challenges. There was no indication of the website colours or their merchandise going blind. It was a fun challenge and took longer than I thought trying to convey the brief.

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Website

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Website

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Wall Signage

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Wall Signage

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Paper

1-800-Rosebud Logo Design Paper
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