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Graphic Design Just a part of my portfolio collection covering print, logo, brand identity, and graphic design. Here you can see a range of projects from startups to established businesses.

Background History

Designing Logos and branding has become a passion for some time. I had started with photoshop as a photographer with time I move further into digital while learning new skills.
While studying desktop publishing and image correction in 2000+, but by that time, the internet was growing, and most people wanted websites. Moved on to HTML and CSS and built static sites.
I kept expanding my skills in graphic design and the basics of visual communication. I have always continued studies, not in the most traditional ways.
But by online courses, was the best place to do classes with Adobe dominating all areas after Adobe took over Macromedia. I still study with the likes of skillshare, PSDBOX, and many others for inspiration and new-found skills. It seems that there is always something to learn or teach.


Brand identity or branding has been a work in progress as I learn more and more with each project of work. The needs and requirements of every brand are so personal and different. It is an experience that embroils all aspects of communication and media formats.  


I started with print work Desktop publishing, but at an era when it was dying with all the new digital world coming in. My graphics became more artistic as I learned more technics. I do find that it is something that I love most preparing any project to print with graphic design projects for posters to packaging.


Brand Identity and Logos

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Graphic Design Portfolio


The world today is ever-changing with new digital advances. We have moved on from print as our standard means of communication. We travelled through the growth of the worldwide web with websites. Our formats have changed colour pallets have restriction to websafe colour for screen views.
Print continues but at a much lower rate than before with new and more advanced application Catering to the need of the day technologies.
The same rules apply to then and now for communicating. A story or telling a message to the viewer with more provisions mentioned above colour and size/weight of an image. The internet can deliver today’s graphics in several ways, thought websites, Social Media and online adverts similar to print and newspaper.

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