Photographing Smoke

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Photographing Smoke

This simple but fun exercise, with nice black background preferably velvet so it soaks up the light to get an as much black as possible a solid black card will do, I sure incense for the smoke as you will want loads and dense.

You need a flash gun off camera back-light the smoke to make it come alive 2 tripods camera and light might be able to place flash depending what your using.


Photographing Smoke Project – Rainbow

I placed the black back ground in place, incense holder then camera one after the other with a 50mm focal length ISO 200 aperture f/4- f/16 and one second shutter speed all that’s missing is the placing the flash 1/8 of full power 105mm with remote.


Photographing Smoke Project – Natural

In order to capture the smoke correctly you will need to freeze it using the flash, If you use the cameras built in flash or a flash gun mounted on your camera you will illuminating the background as well as the smoke, and we need to keep the background black. In this case you need to do is point the flash gun at 90 degrees to the camera and pointing directly at our incense.

I shoot in raw format and checked out and adjusted setting to suite me, remember you will need a fairly dark location for shooting.

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