Nuision by
Chris San-Claire

Design and Photography

Welcome to Nuision Designs, were the creation of the logos, brand identity, Print Design.

All come into play with creative design.


Nuision is a platform for me to share my craft and thoughts on different subject matters, photography, image manipulation to graphic design. There is also my notebook to share all kinds of subject matters. hope you find something that you will enjoy or tickle your interest.



Scottish Referendum United We Stay

   The Scottish Referendum United we stay t’s been a tough few weeks with the Scottish Referendum, I myself being British is listening and learned throughout the build-up to the 18th September 2014. My thoughts were changed day by day on the outcome, with so many...

VapeOn: inform and Change Perception on Vaping

 VapeOn inform and Change Perception of Vaping VapeOn is the hashtag on twitter that has been campaigning for the freedom to vape. After spending months reading others writing and views, I felt that Twitter is just for passing and sharing moments, I needed a...