Welcome to My Notebook

We could bore the hell out of you by bragging about how good I am. But that’s what everyone does, so we’ll tell it the way it is: I specialised in design that are functional and sustainable. Based in London, United Kingdom and this is the website.

Vaping Five Years Progress

    Vaping in the past five years I was first introduced to vaping while having a conversation with my brother; I was complaining that I could no longer afford my 30 a day cigarette habit, it was leaving me with no funds at the end of the day. When I had stopped...

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Scottish Referendum

 The Scottish Referendum United we stay t’s been a tough few weeks with the Scottish Referendum, I myself being British is listened and learned throughout the build-up to the 18th September 2014. My thoughts were changed day by day on the outcome, with so many polls...

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Sharik Sans – a friendly type

  A Friendly Type   Sharik Sans - A Friendly Type Family The Sharik Sans font family was created in 2013 by font designer Michał Jarociński (Font Publisher: Dada Studio). Buy the Sharik Sans font family on   Michał Jarociński From: Poland Born: Warsaw,...

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Peeled Back Sticker Effect

I found and followed this great tutorial of a peeling sticker @ PsHeros titled Peeled Back Sticker Effect II, the tutorial shows you not just how to make the Peeled back sticker but how to use function within Photoshop to make the effects required to get there. I...

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Stay Organised

    Folder and File Structure   As you progress through you work you amount a huge amount of files , clients, personal projects , web site, stock photography, blog and downloads. Let look at each of them in independently: You want to be able to open up and go straight...

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Photographing Smoke

Photographing Smoke This simple but fun exercise, with nice black background preferably velvet so it soaks up the light to get an as much black as possible a solid black card will do, I sure incense for the smoke as you will want loads and dense. You need a flash gun...

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Fruit Juice is the brief I took for my project; I took time to look around at other fruit juice companies and researched the designs and ideas. I then started looking for a name that would grab attention and deliver the brief; here are some of the names I came up...

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