Logo Design Challenge – Thirty Logos

by | Mar 14, 2018

Nuision Designs

by Chris San-Claire

Logo Design Case Study


Thirty Logo Challenge Book by San-Claire Designs

The Challenge


30 Days of Logo Challenges. Realistic logo design briefs via email, once a day. Let’s Do This. No junk here. Just a great way to become a better logo designer. How Does This Work? All 30 challenges mimic real logo design briefs.

ThirtyLogos is a website crafted to challenge designers to create a new logo based on fictional clients every day for thirty days. This logo portfolio includes all of my logo designs throughout the challenge.

It was not an easy venture, as one might have thought at first glance. Space Logo Design – Challenge 1 seemed to come to me after a few sketches. Time was short and had to put forward my first idea’s down and out before the next day. Do I think back and wondered if there was more could do yes, there was no time to distract oneself and come back with fresh eyes.

As the day’s passed and the projects came in, I became more and more frustrated. Not enough information on the briefs, the lack of time to research the fields as well as coupled with finding typography and sketching brief time to proof the project.

I look back, and I had fun with the thirty logo project. I learn loads during this time about typography, form, Illustrator and myself. I can honestly say that I worked my ass off, excellent or bad logos. The thing is that I am proud to have achieved the thirty days grind.

With that note, I leave you to decide for yourselves, what you think of the work below. Please drop me a line with your views.

To be completed and posted to Behance Dribble and Twitter.

Logo Portfolio

Here you find a sample of the challenge produced, or better still the once finally submitted. They are in reverse order click to on the images for more in-depth about the project, such as the brief, process and conclusions. Within every project, you will find the logo, alternative colours and mockups in give a richer experience of what might be possible and how it works in the real world.