Logo Collection 2018

By Chris San-Claire

May 19, 2020

The Logo Collection of 2018


Style is something we look for year after year, new ways of communicating messages within our designs of logos. Typography plays an important part in the messaging style, weight and combinations.

There is also the logo mark which can play an important part in conveying the message. Here you find a logo collection with different styles of logos some are wordmarks others typefaces, also combinations.

Logo Gallery 2018

Logo Collection

It is great to see the styles one has come to use when you look back. I have put this collection forward in a post gallery for prosperity.


This is where I spend more time, looking and deciding which typeface will serve the logo and client to convey its presence and message.

Over the year, typefaces have become more obtainable with many coming into the market place. It can be not very clear with so many similarities and pain stacking task to sweep the pages of typefaces.

There are also other things to be aware of, such as bad font designs. Your own preference to what typefaces you are attracted too.

I try to view typefaces while I am not on a project so I can look at details, style and flow.


Sometimes simplicity and style of the typeface are enough for the image of the company, person, product or brand.

The above logo Ping with its rounded curves will be enough to relate to the brief and speak to the audience, just by adding colour to it Ping Logo you can see the impact it can produce.

Emblem Logos

There be times where it is requested and appropriate to create emblems like the ones above

These required emblems either by a brief or to its application on clothing items.


One of the most used is the logo image, mark, icon. The logomark can depict a service, product, image its a contract of the name and purpose.

There are many ways to come up with the right “Mark” sometimes the typeface itself can be used if the logo is a wordmark with distinct feature’s. The first letter could also be created abstractly with shapes or negative space.

Monograms are when you use the initial’s of the name, where the creation of an image conveying the service, practice or product can sometimes be more suited.