December Graphic Design Projects

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By Chris San-Claire

Graphic Design Projects

December Graphic Design Projects Fire S, Blue Sapphire S and Antonio Fargas logo designs. Where some of my project ideas in the month of December, there where many more some I dare show and others well work in progress. I did wish to share some of the ongoing works.

Antonio Fragas Logo
Antonio Fragas Logo - black and white alternative
Fire S for San-Claire Logo
S for San-Claire Blue Sapphire Logo

A Sweet ” S ”

for San-Claire

December Graphic Design Projects one fire S with the moment. I have been playing around with new Technics in Adobe Illustrator and Been influenced by Yoga Perdana @ Dribble. I found that his work was very different and unique.

It’s been hard to try and decimate how he works. Although I’ve managed to get close its far from the same. I will continue to practice more and find out further how they are achieved

Check out his work @

Sweet S for San-Claire
Blue Sapphire Letter S

Blue Sapphire ” S ” for San-Claire

December Graphic Design Projects Blue Sapphire ” S ” Again this is on of the examples of creating the letter S for San-Claire. I tried to give it some flows, but found gradients hard to master. This is an area which I have to dedicate time too. I posted this work to show not how good it was but how hard it can be for a novice. Shapes, highlights and gradients are easy to understand on there own. Placing them all together and making it work is not the same.

Antonio Fargas Presentation

Subsequently I have chosen which of the ideas for the logo of Antonio Fargas I went with them or softer artistic clear and concise and finished off with a Presentation.

Antonio Fragas Logo Presentation 1

Logo Design

This was an exercise on logo design or made out to avail with my sketching ideas. Skating is not my forte, so finding ideas and got across my name Antonio Fargas a renowned actor and this is how I took off with the thought of a monogram.

Antonio Fragas Logo Sketches
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