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I’m a graphic designer … over the last five years my so-called studio has specialised in logo design where we take a bundle of boring information and use designs to make it attractive.’ Here is where |I will share it with you.
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I’m a graphic designer and over the last five years my so-called studio. specialised in logo design where we take a bundle of boring information and use design to make it attractive and send a message of its role, vertues, and image out to the world.’

I like graphics they can tell stories that are difficult to understand or interpret. They can be simple messages such as love, sadness or joy or they could be complex scenes that send the viewers imagination to different realms.

In today’s world, we see it all around us with digital images popping up all around us before we took to print. Print work was a way to distribute and collect information from guides to places that one could not reach to storytelling and fantasy. Broadcast media made some things more reachable.

The books and magazine filled our daily life with images and editorials about the world we live in. Now we are in the digital age and more information than we can digest images by the billions.

Here is where I will share it with you.

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Digital Filing System: How to Organise 2021

How to plan a digital filing system? In today's digital world, all our file and images are cloud storage, multiple devices, and portable storage systems. A digital filing system and how to organise it This article will address Microsoft Windows, OneDrive, and...

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Logo Collection 2018

Logo Collection for 2018 for different projects and, layouts on embossed paper, a variety of forms and typefaces and styles.


9 logo design tips that will your life simple

Typography in logo design can break or make a design, so it’s vital you know your typographic ABCs. A logo ought to be kept as straightforward as possible while still portraying the message, and to get this to happen, one has to consider all typographic aspects of the plan. Don’t use too many weights or fonts.

Portfolio: Logo, Brand Identity, Print Design Part Of Graphic Design

December Graphic Design Projects

December Graphic Design Projects - A list of projects I have been working on during the month of December 2017, Ideas and Techniques I have been trying out.


Vaping: Five Years Progress My thought’s

My five year progress on vaping from an early stage, experimental and research campaign and final conclusion of my experience on vaping in 2017.


Design Cover 80’s Scrapbook

The only requirement is that all images typography and content be of the 80′s and composed in Photoshop and cataloged all techniques used through the process.