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Welcome to Nuision Designs by Chris San-Claire, were the creation of the logos, brand identity, Print Design. All come into play with creative design.

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“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” 

Hans Hofmann

Brand Identity

Brand identity: The visible elements of a brand (such as colours, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. You may need all or just some we can help.



Stand out from your competition with a unique and memorable logo that will be the face of your brand identity

Graphic Design

I’ll ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd with premium visual design solutions

About Me

About Building the Future with Nuision Design Studio


Hello, a little about me, my name is Christopher John San – Claire, born in 1967 in Madrid, Spain and moved to England in 1984. Since living in London, I have had a variety of jobs. My passion has always been to create images, either as drawings or photographs. After an extended period of trying to decide which of the mediums I would like to work. I took up Graphic Design at Kensington and Chelsea College doing a City and Guilds course. Where I learned the base of Design and Visual Communication.

I have not stopped there; I continue to study on Udemy,, SkillShare and from fellow designers on YouTube for new tips and tricks.
The future is always changing, and one has to keep up with the latest technology and trends.
I am concentrating on logo design and branding to evolve my skills in visual communication.

Chris San-Claire Portrait Photo


Software Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop 75% 75%
  • Adobe Illustrator 85% 85%
  • Adobe Indesign 60% 60%
  • Affinity Designer and Photo 75% 75%


Bookkeeping, Photography City & Guilds, Graphic Designs City & Guilds level 2,

Software skills:

Adobe Photoshop Intermediate, Adobe Illustrator Advanced, Adobe Indesign Intermediate, affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Web Skills:

HTML and CSS, WordPress, SEO, Marketing.

Ongoing Training:

Diploma in Graphic Designs at Alpha Academy for further education, as well as Udemy and Skillshare.

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